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Universal Aura Scanner quantifies and measures the energy which is applicable in various fields such as Vaastu, Astrology Medical applications, , Agriculture science, Police and Military and Vedic science,.This gadget can measure and quantify the aura energy of solids, liquids, gases, instantly then and there in mannem’s scale (measured in meters represented as m’) after switching on the instrument.

The Universe is known as BRAHMANDA is having abundant Energy. As we look in to the stars and Galaxy where light seems to be the source/seed to form matter. The UniversalAura Scanner understands Matter and Energy only in terms of AURA and its applications are possible in every field of science as every thing in the universe emits energy.

The Universal Aura Scanner is the result of 10 years of research by Dr. Mannem Murthy former Scientist of Atomic Energy and Patented the instrument in 2005 with patent No 210698  Dt 5-5-2007 .

The Universal Aura Scanner is protected under the Trade Mark and Patent Act

The Universal Aura Scanner can scan with respect to the various nine planetary energies effecting the person and find out which planetary energy frequency is in deficit. The person can be made to wear a stone that can replenish the deficit energy and neutralize its effect. The identification of the particular deficit of the planetary energy by the scanner is coinciding with the astrological calculations precisely if the date, time and place of birth of the person are accurately known.

We can even identify the deficit planetary energy even without knowing the birth details of the person. The Universal Aura Scanner can also identify the stone, which is positive, and it can also identify the most compatible stone from among the number of stones.

It is found out through our research that out of all similar stones Eg. Rubies for deficit sun energy, any Ruby stone cannot be given to a person to wear it to balance the deficit energy. The compatibility of the stone has to be seen by the Universal Aura Scanner by placing the sample of the saliva of the person in a cotton swab in the sample box in the Scanner and selecting the most compatible stone out of the similar number of stones available. The compatible stone can only balance the deficit planetary energy in the individual.


The saliva sample of a person in form of cotton swab can be kept in the sample box of the SCANNER and the aura energy of the person can be measured in mannem’s (m’) scale in metres, which is normally ranging from 2.5-2.8 m’. The saliva contains 150 proteins derived from different parts of the body and it can represent the whole body. If the Aura energy measured is less,(2.0m’) it can be taken granted that the person is sick. The persons present in general medical ward found to have a energy range from 1.5 to 2.0 m’ and those who is undergoing treatment in intensive care unit have a aura of 1.0 to 1.2 m’.

A). Even from a distance the SCANNER can locate the particular organ/ organs, which are depleted in its cell energy. It shows the location of depleted parts where energy is blocked. For these observations a little knowledge of physiology is needed.

The advantage of the SCANNER is that it is very small and flexible and it can be carried anywhere. It can scan the body and indicate the presence of negative energy and depleted energy in the organs of the body which are causing the problem in the energy level.

B). The instrument can select a suitable, compatible, appropriate drug or a medicine from among many known drugs which is having similar frequency, opposite in polarity from Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Unani systems which can treat the disease effectively.

C). It can measure the unseen mystic Kundalini Chakras energy levels, quantify them and also rectify the problem with a supplementary gadget known as Harmonizer. By supplementing the depleted energy, the cells in the organ can be regenerated, provided they can be rejuvenated. The patient goes to slumber sleep under that condition and feel relaxed.

NOTE; In my opinion this gadget can help the medical graduates in diagnosis, and in perfectly selecting the suitable medicine.


The balancing of energies in the residential or work place without demolition or renovation by simple remedies using UNIVERSAL AURA SCANNER is Energy Vaastu. Every residential place or a work place has certain energy which influences the health, wealth, relationships, growth and prosperity of humans. The energy at a place is the resultant of the

  1. Cosmic energy,
  2. Magnetic energy ,
  3. The earth energies of Geopathic stress, Ulta-violet – Infrared radiation points, the Seven colours related SAP points on the earth surface.
  4. The structure and shape of the plot and the house 5) The position of Doors, Toilets and kitchen etc.

These above mentioned energies which influence the humans can be measured by Universal Aura Scanner and the negative energies can be neutralized and the deficit energies can be enhanced thus balancing and creating 100% positive energy in the residential or work place and help the humans in rectifying the problems of  health, wealth, relationships, growth and prosperity.

Plants also bear life energy and have high Aura energy compared to Human beings.. Their seeds, herbs, flowers (Aroma) and every part of the plant serve the human directly or indirectly. Their Green color mainly gives harmony for Human survival,(550 htz 550 nm) supporting the entire life on earth.

This instrument is useful in many ways for selection of better seed, identifying pathological problems in advance, selecting the organic remedies like bio fertilizers/ pesticides suitable to the crop etc.The adulteration can be tested with much ease provided original sample is available. If the soil sample is given to the instrument it selects the crop which can give high yield.
Some documentation is done on this subject by working with the professors and Scientists of Agriculture University, Hyderabad.

“Application of Aura energy in Agriculture Science”is published by taking coconut disease known as Gynoderma.

Using the Universal Aura Scanner one can identify the criminal from the sample of his finger prints, and by his blood / urine / saliva samples or by his photograph as they possess the individuals aura or its frequency. Hence the scanner can help people in Forensic works.
It can locate the enemy and ammunition dumps on similar to the lines of Global positioning system on a map if we have the particular sample .

For more details you are advised to read the “Application of Aura Energy on Police and Military Science”.


There is abundance of energy in the Nature in the form of electromagnetic radiation as given in the figure below. The energy can be Positive (constructive) and Vedas called it Sakaratmak (called Devatas), OR Negative (Destructive) energy our Vedas called it as Nakaratmak ( called it as rakshasas)..

UNIVERSAL AURA SCANNER can detect and help us to understand and measure the negative harmful energies, helping us either to avoid them or to neutralize them with suitable positive energy. The negative energy is neutralized and the positive energy is enhanced by using various methods like, Precious stones (Navaratnas) or Nine cereals (Nava Dhanya) or Yantra (Geometrical figures) Tantra (Sacrifice) or Mantra (Spell or sound energy) and through rituals, Homa’s, Yaga’s and Yagna’s.

After taking retirement from Dept. Of Atomic Energy, Govt. Of India in 1995, he had the inquisitiveness to understand the science behind the Vedic rituals and the reasons for problems faced by humans relating to health, wealth, relationships and prosperity. After lot of study and understanding he found that every problem is related to the influence of energy on the humans which can be cosmic (planetary) energies, telluric (earth) energies and Global (Structural)Energies.

He further understood that the Vaastu guidelines and Feng sui corrections were all to enhance or supplement the deficit energies. The Agni hotra’s (Fire rituals) , Yagnas, Homa”s were to increase the energies for achieving desired results . As everything is related to the energy he started experimenting on how to measure the different energies and the outcome after several experiments and prototypes is the UNIVERSAL AURA SCANNER.

This instrument helped him in measuring the energies (AURA) of various objects and the influence of various energies such as planetary energies, earth energies, structural energies and the influence of vedic rituals, Gem stones, medicines etc. on humans. This led to the discovery of Energy Vaastu, Health and Aura for the benefit of Mankind.

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