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Prof. Vidya Prakash Shastry,
Vice Chancellor, Gurukul Kangdi University, Haridwar

Nature has named Energy in three ways ‘Ajamekan Lohitshukl Krishnam’ i.e. in body, mind and soul. The whole world of the Universe filled with Sakara (Constructive) or Nakara (Destructive) is nothing but the existence of three Energies. The object in which all these there Energies exist in equal proportion is known as Constructive and Destructive-in case the energies are imbalanced. Such Scientific Society is mainly due to Vaastu Science, Natural Science or Environmental Science.

Today’s Era is totally based on our need, can be called as productive science. People believe science, which can be Experimentally Proved in laboratory

If a person adopts traditional/vedic science it has to be absorbed in a different manner. Such science is not experimental practically, but is still related to the Vedic Science.

Today there exists a necessity to adopt our Vedic science. It is not sufficient by just saying that our Vedic science has led the way to modern science. Dr. Mannem Murthy has done a Extensive / Exclusive research and survey in the field of Vaastu and other sciences, when in reality cannot be observed by our normal eye. A machine being media Dr. Mannem has proved and visualized the unseen.

Being a scientist, with the blessing of the superior (God) Dr. Murthy has done a divine work which enlightens one and all especially people who assumes Modern Science to be the ultimate. He has justified that our Vedic Science has led the way to to-days modern science. I personally was a spectator to see and believe it.

Dr. Murthy’s demonstration with his Universal Scanner working astonished us as a miracles. I request the lord to guide and bless Dr. Murthy with tremendous Energy in fulfilling his mission.

Dr. Hira Taparia,

THERE IS NOTHING SO GRATIFYING than to experience ideas growing to fullness. Before VASTU was little more than a speck of light in our culture’s horizon, and no one in the west recognized the whom to share the work of energies required or works for human being’s prosperity. I saw VASTU as a energy field, as the fourth and stabilizing leg on the foundation of the human experience. While western consciousness now includes the awareness that mind-body-spirit are inexorably linked, it was my belief that, like three-legged stool, mind-body-spirit was missing the fourth leg. That leg was place-the aura of the environment that shapes one’s life.

Looking to this my great friend and a research scientist Dr.M.Murthy designed a universal scanner which surpassed all the equipment used for assessing the bio-energy field at any level.

When the way to contemporize VASTU was only in an embryonic stage, the research work done by Dr. Murthy in the work of extricating the social and physical scientific explanation that would give VASTU a foothold in our rational world..

I know that the information disclosed comes to you with impeccable standard and is dispensed from he loving heart of Dr.Murthy. I know that this book will add immeasurably to the quality and context of every reader’s life.

Dr. Pankaj Agrawal,
Chairman Institute for Vedic Vaastu and Research Foundation INDORE (M.P)

In the present day incompatible environment towards acceptance of new scientific claims in this scientifically conscious and grown-up world, more experimentally, proven concepts and extensively reported and accepted principles of science are slowly accepted over a period of time. There are a few relevant concepts raised in the book, “Aura” of human beings is prevalent as an expression of gods and goddesses expressing their selfless life, high sensitivity to human sufferings, complete devotion to work for up-liftment of human society, miseries of people etc. All relating to power of mind and character.

Science has shown the regular mobility of even the billionth part of atoms, regularly moving and creating and observing energy. How far it can be related to creation of aura in inanimate objects ? Power and movement of energy has been explained up to how does it environment and human life. The instrument developed by Dr. Mannem Murthy for measuring “Aura” and finding human illness will go long way in reducing human mysteries. All Vaastu compilations are good at and for common people and scientist details will help vaastu consultants and researchers. However, it is not possible to comment on all the ideas floated and established in this book as there are few topics which need further research. I hope this book will lay foundation for further scientific research.

Dr. Rama Avatar Sharma, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.
Registrar Sanskrit, University, Agra.
Dr. Murthy has done a wonderful work on BUILDING BIOLOGY-ENERGY VAASTU by bridging the old Vedic science which he named as Structural vaastu, and added modern science with Energy Vaastu. To prove the above facts he has invented a gadget Universal scanner for qualifying energy levels with a modern approach of Aura energy.
Dr. Chandanlal Parashar, M.A., Ph.D.
Astrologer & Vastuvid, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Agra.

Dr. Mannem Murthy’s attempt to prove that Geopathic stress and affect of Electrical power line and their radiations can affect the human cell energy resulting cancer, kidney failures, psychic and chronic problems etc. is very well explained in this book with scientific proof with Kirlian Photography, is quite interesting.

Doctors and scientists must verify this research and create a solution to ever expanding human ailment problems that were not heard earlier in our society. The book is quite interesting to read with some case studies.

Dr. C.V.Subraamaniam,
Potti Sri Ramulu Telugu University


It is quiet amaing to see the demonstration given Dr. Mannem Murthy, retired Scientist in our University and also in Agriculture University proving many aspects of the Vedic science.

The subject of Aura energy should be introduced to High school to PG student so that they can understand the concept of Vedic science and modern science this will be a quiet supporting thing for a culture and heritage.

Dr. N.K. Sharma & Savita Sharma (Founder Director)
Reiki Healing Foundation, 56-A, ED Block, Madhuban Chowk, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034.

Dr. Murthy – A modern Rishi

First time when we met Mr. Murthy hearing high about his work in field of subtle energy. We could immediately realize that he is a genius & modern “Rishi Muni” who silently research, study and give all fruits (out come) to the welfare of society.

Since last 15 yrs. We are in the field of subtle energy sciences and are in touch with hundred of energy field workers all around the world but we are sure that first time in the world a new innovative advance concept is given by Dr. Mr. Murthy alone. For which he truly deserves a great appreciation. National & International Government body must recognize such scientist and must encourage him by providing funds, awards & facilities for further researches.

His new technology of energy scanning is very unique and will definitely open many Horizons, Venues, Secrets & Doors of (still unknown) mystic world.

Beside his all academic achievements personally we feel proud to be associated with such a great nobel soul who is egoless, simple, innocent & jovial. He is truly a gem of a person. I call him a “Navaratna” of Indian treasure.

This is the first book in Vaastu it can be a teacher for teachers. Dr. Murthy has stuffed both Eastern, Western science in it. He confirms with proof of case histories that Geopathic stresses / radiations are responsible for causing incurable diseases. He desires that all doctors must understand these secrets.

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