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The Human brain which is weighing approx.. 800 gms..is responsible to create all the wonders of the world. So also the same has created the Computer & Cell phones.

The computer science was discovered in India in 850 B.C. by Siddhacharya using Phanini mathematics. They visualized their science is very good to improve the efficacy of the brain, but sooner they realized that they produce harmful energies called radiations. This means the radiations like X-rays, Microwaves Infra red radiations are emitted from the computer are certainly harming human existence in one way or the other. The Micro-wave towers & Cell Phones are also emitting negative energy (through microwaves). Scientists have proved and documented how these energies affect the human health.

The global recession is nothing but accumulation of these negative energies that acted on human brain to take wrong decisions, spread taking the media- Space. This is not related to individual country but it affected the whole Globe.

This is the reason the ancient scientist Siddhacharya destroyed this science and seen it is not implemented.

Viewing the same thing we have followed the Vedic principles by analyzing some minerals & herbs we have found some remedies which are absorbing these radiations presented in the form of pendant named as SAFE HEALTH.
We have used the Vedic guidelines in preparing these remedies. This can be tested either by the UNIVERSAL THERMO SCANNER or by PIP photography.
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