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Digital Harmonizer is designed to create different color frequencies of light, (Frequency, Wavelength & Temperature) at a high potency in order to recharge the depleted cell energy in the body. The depletion on cell energy is called disease. This is possible through the media of Kundalini Chakras, reaching the energy each cell through hormone producing plant called glands in the body. Using little energy like Color energy, Sound energy, Aromatic energy a multi pronged attack is done on the cells in order to recharge them to make one ease from dis-ease.

The instrument is such designed that the depleted Human Bio Electro Magnetic field thus created in that field using a mother crystal (Sio2). The required color is given to a small crystal and those acquired frequencies are transmitted to mother crystal arranged in the harmonizer.
The mother crystal is rotated with a motor in bio electro magnetic field at a required RPM for a period of 20 minutes. In the instrument the patient’s saliva sample is kept in order to tune the frequency of the patient of the same level. After 20 minutes of exposure to this Positive rays (Constructive) the final energy of the Patient is measured which will be much higher than the initial reading. During this process, if the patient sleeps which will be a very good sign of accepting the color energy i.e. this energy has been harmonized. The patients mostly recover within 10 days.
Before understanding the Harmonizer we must also understand how a disease enters into a human body. The entrance gates opened to the body are through five channels and have performed their duties in coordination with the other. They are eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin. These also perform the work of five senses like vision, smell, sound, taste and sense. In indirect way they work on mind and body ultimately the body physics and chemistry changes which is reflected on Bio-energy ( in the aura level) .These sensing can be understood as follows:
  • Eyes: Vision transmits the light energy of different vibgyor colors (violet, indigo, blue, green. Yellow and red) and they may disturb the sense, indicating pleasure displeasure fear. The displeasure would result in functional harmony in the chakras and the displeasure and fear resulting in blockage of energy and affects on communication system of cells.
  • Ears: Sound enters into the body in the range of 20-80 decibels. This is also as similar as color energy works on the similar way on body chemistry. Even an infant responds to these sounds.
  • Nose: This is an indicator of good and harmful aromas. This gives indication to brain. The bacteria or virus enters through air from this gate and infects the respiratory system.
  • Mouth: Taste is also energy which responds to likes and dislikes. But it cannot understand poisons and toxins in the food. This gate creates a great damage to the digestive system, and bacteria and virus play a vital role to enter into the body.
  • Skin: Though this works as armor protects the body to a great extent like sack, however the pores are the weak zones for foreign invaders. Touch is the sense even an infant can understand. Patting, sex, touch comes under this category. This will bring a change in the conductivity of energy bringing equilibrium and polarity in the body.

Using these above senses the Harmonizer is designed to induce the above energies through multiple channels in order to confront the enemy (disease) in a multiple pronged paths similar to octopus.

The technology involved in the Harmonizer is both modern and ancient science and they are discussed in brief. In the system the healing is done through different energies helping the Kundalini Chakras to reactivate. These are major points in the body controlling the whole system in coordination with universal energy available with solar system and their planets. (Read kundalini chakras, function and their geometry. In brief the chakras are connected to glands and thereby all organs which are pack of cells.

If the cell performance is reduced or damaged, the loss of communication can be understood as disease. The aura around the body prevents to some extent but when the cell immunity is lost for some reason or the other the organs are failed to do their activities. This occurs due to following reasons.

  1. Improper balance of diet and Habits
  2. Fear, insecurity, doubt brings depression.
  3. Seeing terrible activities, listening to bad music, punching words works as harming mantra.
  4. Living in the proximity of negative energies or articles.
  5. In Living the harmful radiation zones like geo-pathic stress (read building biology and vastu).

Functional activities of the Harmonizer

  • Light energy: Light energy of required color is induced to the body through a system of crystals providing the similar and opposite frequencies to the disease (polarity). Here light energy with high potency is allowed to penetrate into the body using cyclotron. Cyclotron improves the quality and quantity of light energy.
  • Sound: Sound energy of required frequency is induced through golden ratio to the depilated chakras.
Muladhara-240frequency; Lum mantra or Raga-Bhageswari
Swadistana270frequeny; Vum mantra, or Raga- Malhar.
Manipura300frequency; Rum mantra,or Raga- Ahir Bhiravi,
Anahata 320 frequency; Yam mantra or Raga- Shiva-ranjani,
Visudda 36o frequency ; Ham mantra or Raga - Gorakh kalyani
Agna 400frequency;mantra Aum. mantra or Raga Todi
Sahastrara- 450;frequency   Raga Bairagi
  • Smell: Aroma of required frequency is selected and kept in the diffuser so that the patient receives it. It is done in a closed room.
  • Taste: Particular people with disease have a tendency to eat something which is requirement of the depilated cell. Before treating the patient a fruit bearing required color is fed to the person as desired by them.
  • Touch: The person is asked to touch a hundred years old tree, cow, dog, dolphin, tortoise etc. which not only conducts the negative energy stored in the body but also induce low frequency.
Note: These energies are also related to Pancha mahabhootas (Five vital energies) which are also associated with kundalini chakras. It is a totally a non invasive technique. In other therapies the tablets, capsules, injections are mostly derived from earth element only. The other elements like water, air, fire, space are also needed to be attended. This multi pronged attack given to the patient, using all vital elements (energies) helping the patient in every aspect. Documentation is under progress with positive results.

Dr. Mannem Murthy
Former Nuclear Scientist
Hyderabad – 500 026

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