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This device use pulsed magnetic field with some selected frequencies to help in lowering the harmful levels, (brings down the frequencies to lower levels of meditation) this covers 15 mts. diameter neutralizing any type of negative energy frequencies.

These can be used in Business, Show rooms, Schools, meditation centers for harmonizing the area etc.

Predominant negative energies (from any source), would disharmonize the relation, in understanding each other. This Griha Mitra + can harmonize the place with positive frequencies in a diameter of 10 to 15 meters (approx) related to any origin. It can be used to improve relationship among the members. Children can read well as negative energies are subdued, and brings the mental balance as it brings harmony in the place. Hence it can be used in business houses, worshipping places, show rooms etc. to improve customer relation. This looks like a our landline telephone unit powered with 220 volts.

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