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In the past lot of work and research has been done in eastern world for providing humans a peaceful, healthy and prosperous living in their residential and work places. Many rituals and traditions have been put in place for achieving the above objective. Some of them are being mentioned below

  • a. Plastering the house and the surrounding place with cow dung.
  • b. Putting Rangoli in the house and in front of the main door.
  • c. Keeping the main door in the North east
  • d. Not to sleep in the north south direction facing south.
  • In Indian Vastu various methods were suggested with regard to the positioning of doors and windows, positioning of various rooms and their location with respect to the purpose of utilization as well as shapes and location of plots.Toilets were not a part of the house; they were positioned away from the house. etc. Whereas in Chinese Feng sui placing of various articles mirrors and displaying various colours at various directions were used to solve problems .

    If we can think deeply and understand, the objective was to balance the energies. ie; To nullify the effect of negative energies and providing positive energies for the wellbeing of the Humans.

    In our Research Centre we have studied the traditional ancient work of the eastern world and done research on various types of problems of health, relationships, growth and prosperity being faced by humansand have understood that it is ultimately the balancing of cosmic energies, telluric (earth energies), structural energies and making available the positive energy for the health,wealth, relationships and prosperity of the humans.

The energy which effect the humans on the earth are basically three types

  • 1) The cosmic energy from the cosmos which consists of electromagnetic radiation frequencies being emitted by sun and the planets.
  • The magnetic energy which is the result of the gravitational force of the earth.
  • The earth and its energies on its surface in the form of Geopathic stress, Ultraviolet-Infrared radiation points, Sapping points of Seven VIBGYOR frequencies which affect the humans.
  • The imbalance of energy due to building structure and shape, location and shape of the plots.
  • These energies can be classified as positive and negative energies depending on their effect on the humans.

    Positive energy

    The energy what we are talking about is the electromagnetic radiation which ranges from low frequency radio waves to very high frequency gama rays. Out of this energy range, the energy, which is required or beneficial for humans for their wellbeing, is the white light energy.ie the 7 colours frequencies of VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) . These energy frequencies (colours) should be adequately available for the human wellbeing; any deficit in these energy frequencies will affect the health, wealth,relationships and prosperity for the humans. This is the positive energy, which should be available in the residential, or workplace for the human wellbeing.

    This positive energy (7 colours energy frequencies), which should be available,is the resultant of the cosmic energy and the earth’s magnetic energy available at the residential or the work place. These seven colour energies relate to the seven major energy centres of the body or to the seven chakras as per the eastern philosophy. Each energy center (Chakra) corresponds to a particular range of energy frequency of the respective colour in the white light spectrum. Any deficit in the respective frequency will affect the energy body of the human and will cause physiological and psychological problems corresponding to the respective energy center of the deficit frequency. The non availability of the seven colour energies (positive energy)will act on the energy centres ( chakras) and will effect the health , wealth and prosperity of the humans who are residing at that residential or work place.

    Negative energy

    The energy which disturbs, diminishes or depletes the available positive energy (7 colours frequencies and energies) is called as the negative energy. The following are the negative energies :

    Telluric (Earth) energies.

    1) The Geopathic radiation or the Geopathic stress : Geopathic radiation lines filers out from the crust of the earth and occur in varying intensities at the surface of the earth. These varying intensities are caused by disturbances of the magnetic lines of force under the surface of the earth. These disturbances are due to (geological faults, underground ore masses, underground water and mineral deposits among others) reflect, refract or diffuse the geopathic radiation as it travels through the earth and thereby concentrate the geopathic radiation at certain areas on the surface of the earth.

    Geopatic radiation disturbs, diminishes and depletes the existing positive energy (7 colours- energy frequencies) and whichcauses non availability of the seven colour energies (positive energy). This deficit of energy will act on the energy centres (chakras) and will effect the health , wealth and prosperity of the humans who are residing at that residential or work place. The severity of the problem corresponds to the intensity of the geopathic stress lines in the area.

    2) The Ultraviolet-Infrared radiation points:

    On the Earth due to various causes there are certain points on the surface of the Earthwhich emit both Ultraviolet-Infrared radiations. These radiations disturbs, diminishes and depletes the existing positive energy (7 colours energy frequencies) and the non availability of the seven colour energies (positive energy) will act on the energy centres ( chakras) and will effect the health , wealth and prosperity of the humans who are residing at that residential or work place. The severity of the problem corresponds to the intensity of the Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation point.

    3) Energy sapping points or sap points: On the Earth due to various reasons there are certain points which are called SAP POINTS which drain and deplete various frequencies of the existing 7 colours frequencies and energies. This results in the deficit of that particular frequency which creates a deficit of energy in the corresponding energy center (Chakra) of the energy body of the humans. This continuous sapping will effect the functionality of the corresponding organs or glands of that energy centre (Chakra)and will cause health problems, The problems depends on the intensity of the SAP points and may even lead to cancer of that particular organ.

    Structural: 1)Shape of the Plot or building: The plot should be rectangular or square to allow all the positive energy to be uniformly available in the residential or work place. If the Plot or building is of any other shape due to extension, cuts, or staircases, and location of kitchenmay cause disturbance in the positive energy or the seven energy frequencies and there may be deficit or non availability of energy which creates problems of health wealth and prosperity for the humans living in the area.

    2) Location of the Plotor Building: The location with respect to various roads intercepting the plot will result in positive or negative energy depending on the direction in which it is intercepting the plot. This is due to the energy concentration and flow in the roads which hit a particular area of the plot or the building resulting in positive or negative energy depending on the direction which is being affected.

    3) Toilets: In ancient constructions there were no toilets in the residential or work places. Toilets were located away from residential and work places. The presence of toilets in the residential or work place depletes and drains the positive energy from that particular place and direction in the area. It causes problems relating to the area of deficit.

    Energy vastu ( Balancing of energies of residential and work places)

    Energy Vastu is balancing of the energies by ensuring 100% positive energy through out the residential or work place. It does not believe in any demolition, renovation and restructuring. It only neutralizes the earth negative energies of geopathic stress lines, Ultraviolet-Infrared points and Sapping points with various simple remedies. It also enhances the structural deficit energies through various simple remedies. It rectifies the deficit of the energies in the structure and ensures that the cosmic energy entering the house is properly channelized. Its ultimate objective is to give a healthy, wealthy and prosperous living to all humans with simple solutions. The energy measuring device, identification of the negative energies, rectification solutions are all invented, formulated and manufactured through our research centre.

    Rectification and balancing of energies in residential and work places:

    We have invented and patented an instrument named Universal Aura Scanner to quantify, locate and measure the positive and negative energies by placing the corresponding samples in the instrument. We neutralize the negative earth energies and enhance the deficit energies of the structure and ultimately balance and channelize the cosmic energy, which are discussed above in the residential or work place. This is done through simple remedies and procedures, which are developed and patented through our research centre, and finally ensure that the whole area which is treated is balanced with 100% positive energy.

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