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Some case histories are being given without exposing the people’s identity. Telephone numbers are given of willing person who wish to share their experience. The cases are typical to approach for solution. Life is not always bed of roses, one day or other one has to face some problems.

A person wish to seek advices or come for consultation, only when things cross his jurisdiction.


A lawyer at Bangalore:

A lawyer is having two houses within his premises. He has given the first house for rent. The second house is not suitable to them in which he is living at present. He is using the ground floor for his office and his daughter and son are assisting him as lawyers. If negative energy is present we are not to enter into the house just like a visitor to displease the evil energies, normally take permission which will be in the form of a prayer within myself. However with Universal scanner 50% can be predicted by moving outside of the premises. We normally ask for indicators, which are putting him in discomfort for their dwelling.

He has informed that his wife is already suffering with cancer and under going chemotherapy.

The Scanner was leading to narrow lane which is separating both the houses and stopped and the aura energy of water grid, was seven meters (7m') radius. When measured we have predicted that within the seven meter the patient must be exposed to the radiations. They agreed that the master bed room starts from the corner of the nodal point. The water grids are traced within their house and they are connecting the nodal point.

The metal articles mostly respond to infra red frequencies indicating negative energy. The items picked by instrument are quite good in numbers which are working similar to the parasites sucking the house energy causing discomfort events.

Though daughter was married they live separately, she had to spend 8-12 hours in her office. She is a beautiful woman with traditional values, but was facing problem with her husband, as their relates to incompable. The whole of their family ignores her presence. Ladies some time mostly hide such things. I questioned her in privacy, and she accepted.

Her cell energy has absorbed negative energy of the office, as her working table is placed on the one of the grid.

At initial stage, it is possible to rectify the damage, and their exposure to radiations can be identified by testing them individually with scanner. (We do wheel balancing when the wheels of the car damage the tires). For instance sufficient damage has already been done to the body cells. The pip is showing absolutely red color indicating the frequencies of Ketu's inflictions.

Any neutralization in such cases will not improve the present situation but it can save their young generation
After doing the remedies, (Some thing like giving oxygen to the patient in the last stage) we left the house.
His son has come to drop me at my lodge. I made him sit comfortably and frankly said he should not mind. To what ever I suggest him. I told his mother's survival is difficult, and as a son he should share love and affection to the parents. They need love. God has given few months. Father turned psychic in his actions. His aura color is also an indicator. His son must have understood what I have narrated.

His mother died after few months. Now the lawyer is suffering with some other problem. I found only one answer. The first suggestion is to change the house which was rejected, as his earlier house is under lease. Our neutralization only helps the offspring to make the house usable. However our meeting and association could not change the situation, Radiations have already moved beyond control. Seeing such situation the cell energy has to be improved to orient them in correct position.

Now we made gadget known as Cell aura Regenerator to such patients.

However this gadget can only help in the second stage but not the final stage. A vaastu person should be a student, not a consultant.


Bed Wetting Stopped

We have a Gujarati friend named Mr. Mehata at Hyderabad, (9948667875) who is having good taste buds in his mouth. He enjoys feeding people and his wife is compatible with him, and never tires in feeding others. He strongly believes that food is only thing that can satisfy others.

We went to eat in his house to taste some delicious food of Gujarati cuisine.

My daughter is a clairvoyant, experienced some negative energy in one of the small room.

We carried the Universal Scanner, measured the energy, and traced geopathic stress and a nodal point in one small room. We have measured the energy of the total house, which is below 5 meter As per us, this energy is not sufficient for dwelling as As our universal Scanner indicates negative energy, being a friend to my son in law, we asked for the indicators. Few people cannot ventilate their problems and Mr. Mehata being jovial person could not ventilate.

After lunch, we have advised to change the house as it is not very prosperous. We have also predicted that his daughter aged 21 years must have a problem related to abdomen.

He was serious in listening us, and confirmed the same. She wets the bed every night. She is sleeping on a bed which is on the line of geopathic stress and his financial growth is poor. Whatever he has invested in his business is locked with some one preventing circulation. We advised him to sell the house. At this given time, he said it is not possible to stay in a rented house.

We have tailored the remedies and improved the house energy to 12m'. After three months, he happily reported, that his daughters problem is unseen and now he can search suitable match for her.


Commercial Complex in Problem

We need a space in Secunderabad area for consultancy. We were going through the classified columns of a news paper which is close to our place. We went to their apartment. The flat owner's was Mr. Chari, (Cell. 9394703939) who is a computer engineer.

He offered me a seat and in the mean time while an Electrical employee came for some pending payment, which he had not attended. There was practically a quarrel between them. I observed the quarrel is taking place on particular line. Some how I interfered in it and made them cool. I did not like the flat, what he has advertised. When I came down to Ground floor I observed a Tulasi plant is in bad shape. It has a stunted growth with small leaves. That is the same place of vicinity where Mr. Chri has intensive quarrel with him.
As I developed curiosity, brought my universal scanner from my car and found that there is a line of Geopathic stress present at one spot. Mr. Chari was also with me. As he too developed similar curiosity, he under stood that what I am checking. The stunted growth of tulasi, and the line, the level that quarrel took place, all related to the same radius of a nodal point. Since that day we have developed intimacy.

After few days, Mr. Chari took me to a new five floor building which is located in a business place known as Monda market at Secunderabad. They developed the project with few cores. But surprisingly even a square inch was not sold. They were in a desperate state.

To make it very short, I conclude that there are two Negative points. One is 7m' water point, stretching its arms on all four sides, and there is a spirit energy or frequency caught in our universal scanner, located front at of the building. When we made enquiries we came to know that, one person has committed suicide at that place and there was a police case, against the owner. A death took place within the premises due to T.B. at nodal point. There was a natural drainage flowing in SE direction which is also a cause to suck the building energy.

It has come to our mind that bad luck must have been associated with the builder in purchasing the plot and to construct on a bank loan.

When I visited the owner's house, we have witnessed a Negative nodal point at kitchen. He is living in the third floor, which was located absolutely below the kitchen. It drains money as water energy and fire energy are always not compatible to each other.

Note: Despite of all these happenings, he has never gone for rectification because he does not believe on god and vaastu and so also these energies.


Prarabda Karma is Powerful

A well-known group, who is in the moulding work of motor cycle parts at Faridabad, were visited by me on request. The placement and the entrance of raw material storing is not aligned with the structural Vaastu given in chapter (2).

When energy studies were carried, three important things revealed the negativity.

a) The cash box, b) The lady stenographer of the chairman, C) Electrical Transformer: In the absence of her, the seat also showed negativity. Some times ladies show negativity during menstrual period. This has been confirmed by measuring aura. The plant area had few Geopathic points. They were all neutralized. Though this process was done the orders have not increased, but the earlier energy in the building multiplied, Why was there no result?

During my next visit, some of the changes like removal of cash box, showing negative was not replaced. Is it the only reason?. I had a dream, of some one throwing mud on the plant. What is it?

Next day when I visited the plant I searched the stock area, where I could see half dried lemon and few pieces of bones. Is it related to black magic? If I reveal this the unity among brothers will be lost. I left the premises seeing my position would also face problems. Being a technical person, I felt I was not competent enough.

Some times, the owner won’t cooperate, or his prarabda karma is not allowing to assist it.

When I consulted my friend Thaparia, at Mumbai, he responded that bio signatures could be used at such instances. That is a Tibetian Science.


Cats too Prefer the Negative Energy Places

Every one including birds under take the construction of their house for comfort of their children.

In A.S Rao Nagar, at Hyderabad, an employee of ECIL, retired in a comfortable position, owning a beautiful residence. He is a voracious reader, of our ancient Scriptures and a staunch follower in performing daily, religious rituals.

1. His wife was suffering with chronic problems, and she was not responding to any medicine.
2. His well educated daughter is divorced
3. Despite having good looks and position, having 35 years age his son is unable to get married.

After checking his wife's health with Universal scanner,  my daughter arrived to conclusion that there is a presence of Geopathic radiation and some super natural energy. After studying the book, our Vaastu and    Human’ biology    with    prior appointment he visited my house, after taking due appointment.

One day I visited his place but had not entered into their compound. The biology of the house has prevented me by not entering into their house.

It was East facing house in a good locality. The house has more space in the west and south, which was structurally not good. There were two gates one is placed in north east is (a small gate) and a bigger one placed in the North West.

From the road we studied the house with our Universal scanner and gave three markings on the road and asked Dr.Rao to indicate the rooms where bisect. He informed me that the first line passed through the kitchen, and drawing room.

The second line is passing through a bed room of her daughter and son.

The third line is passing through the big gate meant for parking.

Then I decided to enter the house, after taking prior approval from natural forces.

a) Next 1 went into to kitchen, and the instrument pointed several items and utensils in the kitchen, which were showing negativity. They were brought out side and kept away from the influence of the instrument. They are influenced by geopathic stress grids and they turned negative, and had become energy suckers, (similar to lice, bed bugs, mosquitoes similar to Parasites). As the ladies stay in the residence, exposing to the radiation at least 8 hours a day. They are bound to get affected and their immune system becomes very weak by making them not respond to any positive medicine.

b) Then I changed sample in the instrument to locate the Geopathic stress. Our instrument has taken me to a point, where radiation' is turbulent and a nodal point is identified with diameter 2.5m' radius which is equal to human energy.

I said the indicators respond to bad health, or these energies are retarding their achievements.

Later my instrument located a soul energy, which is troubling the owners in their achieving normal goals but not allowing any tenant living in their ground floor.

For instant a bachelor, who has occupied the first floor has seen a moving twice and there was no response when questioned. Ultimately he has vacated the house within two days. The owners have never seen it but as per their statement, that their mango tree make lot of hazing voice creating chill in the spine. Why is it so? These frequencies are visible to only those persons who possess similar frequency level.

As per experts advice several hands were performed but were of vain.

That is the reason why I suggested him, to dispose the house as they were all suffering with some mental agony. I never thought of a retired person wasting his money in this way.
When we are getting down from the first floor, to leave the place, we noticed a cat sleeping on the same spot, which gazed at me for some time and ran away.

The neighbors had another incident which, happened all together. They had a daughter of 14 years, who died few years back with Jaundice.

I came home, having the clothes took salt water bath to cleanse my body. That night, I had to leave some one at Secunderabad railway station around 11P.M. As I started my car, I saw the same cat, before my car. All of a sudden I felt weak and needed some others assistance. Could not forget the cat’s looks. (Looks like a film story)

He insisted me to do some thing and now he has assisted me to edit this book. We applied remedies and every thing in their house is fine now.



Negative Energy from Neighbors

I visited a house at THANE, Bombay when was I asked to give lecture in Zoroastrian College on Alternative therapy arranged in a Russian Community Center. Shri Vinaya Joshi a customer has picked me from my lodge.

Joshi's family consists of three members himself his wife and a son. The son is studying in an engineering college. They have an Industrial unit in Thane.

The   Vaastu  of    their  apartment structurally was infad good.   Any Vaastu expert cannot find a fault with structure but I  his wife is always sick with depression. Even some energy sucking equipments would cause such problems, but that was not the case, (When I tested with Universal Scanner). Such metal suckers were   also !   removed. Their sleeping positions are changed as his wife was showing negative energy. The cause is her continuous sickness with diabetes. The indicators are

a)she is suffering with a psychic feeling that she would die. Such people really die because it is a negative thinking related to mental programming.

Such negative thought must have a cause and it should be removed. This has been acquired perhaps through her ornaments, she was wearing.

In Mumbai the vegetables we eat have, high Residual values of chemicals. Their toxins can also work on brain cell functions (neurons).

b) She gets bad dreams.

At last I found one basic reason; some negative energy is entering into their house from their neighbors house. That house is showing high order of negative energy. She is a doctor and she always suffered with miss carriages and had no children.

I also visited their office. There was little negative energy which was removed. No office personal were present, because it was a holiday. My scanner was showing negative energy in a particular chair. I asked Mr. Joshi to be careful with the person who occupied it. He accepted that my success was correct. Seating positions have been changed and few crystals were given to place in the office for protection.

After observing both the place I observed that negative energies are not related to them. They are related to neighbors and in both the places their main door why facing such negative energies. Then few measures are to be taken/done to protect our house.
The source of finance had to come from his factory. I found a geopathic stress. Point which was neutralized.

Last August, I had information that his prosperity level was good and requested one to visit his house as his near and dear were curious to receive me. Position thinking always results positively.


Mystic Silver Box

When I gave lecture about the utility of Universal scanner in Russian community hall, Mumbai, many had appreciated the performance of the instrument. Among them, I was introduced to a Telugu lady, belonging to a respectable family at Hyderabad. I was happy to speak in Telugu with her.

After reaching Hyderabad, I visited them on their request. Having a brief discussion I resumed to my work.

The house was not exactly as per Vaastu. Though the husband and wife are living under the same roof, they were not in fair terms. (Mostly there exists egoistic problem). They are together at occasion. There was no Geopathic stress in that house, but there is excessive negative energy in few articles responding to Infra red. Most of these negative energies were removed from the kitchen and Pooja room. The instrument was strongly aligned to her bedroom. When we have opened the safe there was a big silver box with high negative energy.

She told to me, the day it has come to their house, it has ruined their relation. I did not question any thing. While returning to Marredpally she stopped the vehicle on the tank bund, and threw the costly silver box into Hussain sagar.


Widowers on the Same Radiation Grid

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) have made beautiful quarters in Hyderabad. Most of the occupants children are settled in America and hence their houses have become OLD AGE HOMES, as only parents are living in their houses after retirement.

One of the such house was visited by us to see vaastu and I found Geopathic nodal point is passing through their bed room.

That person is having two daughters. The house found to be sick, lacking positive vibrations.
With our Universal scanner, we observed that there existed geopathic stress grids and its nodal point is passing through their bed room. One of the grid is passing though two more houses crossing the road. I made enquiries regarding the harmony existing in their other houses.

The third house is also having widower who is living alone as his daughter was married. The middle house is related to the person whom, left the house, rented it for others. He stays else where, but we have come to know that: they had an industry which had put them in heavy loss.

After testing both the houses of the widower with Universal scanner at my daughters clinic, they responded into geopathic stress. It means to say they are also having a health problem. When enquired, and it has been accepted by them.

We have applied remedies for the both the houses to escape from the Geopathic stress problems.

The readers must understand that we have neutralized only negative vibration in the house but, we cannot give guaranty that their health which has been damaged at cell levels cannot be brought back unless the Aura regeneration is applied to them to regenerate the lost cell energy.

Surprisingly it is noted that their two daughters who have been brought up in their house one is living at Hyderabad and another abroad have purchased similar houses with Geophatic stress. We do not try to conclude how such thing happens. It happens because; it affects the thought energy also.


Prabhu Jee of ISKON

One prabhujee of iskon was suffering with incurable kidney disease. The doctors refused to treat him further as it has reached dialysis stage. My daughter Geeta also belongs to ISKON sect. We heard his case.

We visited his room and found a strong Geopatic nodal point. He was suggested to shift his room and asked to sleep in east-west direction. When we met him after a week he said that he is comfortable and feeling secured.

My daughter started treating him with our own instrument called Harmonizer. (Harmonizer is nothing but a crystal therapy, crystals rotating in a pulsed electromagnetic field). The treatment has been continued for six months. In order to cut short the methodology we have taken PIP, Kirlian photography in few stages. In the first stage his kidney was showing infra-red color then later turn to green and finally after six months it has changed to violet.


Gurujee & His Wife

I was invited for a National seminar, organized by Central Forensic Directorate which was held at Raipur during 9-11-2005 of governor, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh were invites. I was received at the airport by police department where I met a person who was known to me. During the discussion he informed that the college of Engineering and Technology is celebrating silver jubilee function on the same day. Dr. Dave who was Head of Department has sent a message that I should visit the function also.

We met in the function and my Gurujhee is invited one to this house, he has introduced all the members of the family and informed me GURUMA is resting in her daughters place. She was fallen in the same house got ensured took treatment in Mumbai for 3 months. MY approach and it was a ultimately is a very close.

Then I opened my instruments and, and walked towards a place and marked a spot within the premises of the house. I asked my Gurujhee to confirm the spot where she fallen. Surprisingly he said that was the same spot. He is daughter in law who is a doctor (MD) by profession was astonished. We arranged a remedy afterwards.

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