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Universal Scanner
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Books Written : a) About Aura…………(In English)
  • The Incredible Aura
  • The Secrets of the Ground water and Aura
  • The Aura – its medical application
  • Application of Aura energy (Police & Military)
  • Application of aura energy in Agriculture
  • The inbuilt Science in Vedic Rituals
  • Vaastu and the Human Biology
  • The building Biology and Energy Vaastu
    b) Other Books ………(In Telugu)
  • Veda vdihulu – Nikshipta vishwa shakti
  • Jeevita yajamanyam
  • Kharchuleni Vaastu China Vaastu
  • Bhoogarbha Jalalu and Boru Bavulu,
Awards Received : A) SEVA RATNA Award received from former Prime minister of India
  : B) DHANAVANTRI Award received from the Chief Minister of Karnataka
a) Universal Scanner : To measure the energy of animate and inanimate objects
b) Harmonizer : An instrument to inject required color frequencies in to human system
c) Safe Health    (Pendant) : To protect from CRT, LCD, Plasma related TV’s gives radiation hazards including Computers
d) VH-Chip Safe Life    (Chip) : To protect from Micro Wave Radiation Hazards caused by Cell Phones. It is a small adhesive chip
e) Cell Aura Regenerator : A gadget which heal blockages due to Paralysis, kidney problems, Heart blockages, Arthritis Etc
f) Gruha Mitra Plus : A simple harmonizer to suppress Negative energy radiation within 15 meter diameters

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